Workplace Mediation, Intervention and Investigation


Workplace Mediation and Intervention

As a former employment lawyer, and mediator of hundreds of litigated employment disputes, Ms. Curtis understands the importance of early intervention in employment conflicts as a means to prevent litigation. In the scores of workplace mediations she has conducted, she has witnessed the value to participants of engaging in conflict openly and directly in a safe place and coming through it and  the value to participants, and to the organizations they work in, 

Representative Matters

Ms. Curtis' works in a wide variety of workplace settings to address a broad range of issues, for example:

+ Staff of psychiatrists in hospital setting - to address longstanding disputes

+ Co-chairs of a department in a medical school - to restore relationship following major conflict  

   and to create clarity of roles and develop communication prototcols going forward 

+ Supervisor and staff member in a university to explore conflicts between them and improve 

   their working relationship 

+ Law school professors - to recover from an explosive conflict and plan for a more amicable