Unsolicited Feedback from Lawyers

“Your poise  and presence of mind were just fantastic in the difficult situation we  were in with our client’s deteriorating health and opposing counsel's  gamesmanship.” (Trustee’s Lawyer, inter familial trust dispute)

“You  were the perfect mediator for this case, and it would not have settled  the way it did without your participation.  You established a rapport  and credibility that were indispensable with our clients and the  defendants’ representatives.  Clearly, resolution of the case through  settlement was in the best interests of our clients.  They are very  pleased with the process and the result, as are we.  Thank you very  much.”  (Plaintiff’s lawyer, catastrophic injury case)

“I  do not recall ever doing this before but I did want to send you a  personal note expressing my appreciation and admiration for your  successful resolution of the cases over the past month.  I certainly  would not have predicted either case would settle within two days of  mediation for our clients.  You certainly have proved that your optimism  outweighs our skepticism.”  (Plaintiff’s lawyer, employment dispute)

“I  also wanted to express to you how impressed I was with the process and  experience that you provided all of us within these two mediations. I  can honestly say that it was truly refreshing and wonderful learning  experience for me.  Finally, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed  working with you.  In fact I will probably recommend you as a mediator  in part simply to be able to work with you and learn from you the art of  mediation.”  (Defendant’s lawyer in product liability case)

“Thank  you so much for your time and effort.  Each time I have the opportunity  to mediate a case with you, I leave more impressed with our skills.   Your creativity seems to have no bounds.  Your suggestions are on the  mark and always productive.  Not to mention, you’re such a pleasure to  be with.”  (Defendant’s counsel, business dispute)

“I  want to compliment you on an exceptional job in settling [our recent]  case.  I did not think it would settle in a million years.  Thank you  for such a fabulous outcome.”  (Defense lawyer, breach of contract case)

“I  wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for your assistance  our recent mediation.  As you recall, this case involved complicated  environmental planning and natural resource protection issues that the  parties were unable to resolve on their own.  I attribute our amicable  settlement to your skill in keeping the parties together and to your  ability to develop creative solutions that incorporated the goals of  each party.  I wish you continued success and hope to contact you for  mediation services in the future.”  (Defense council, land use case)

“I  wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for the excellent work and  poise you put forth in resolving the case.  I thought with the existing  acrimony between the parties at the start of the mediation that it would  never settle.  I am pleased to say I was wrong and even more pleased  that the case is resolved.  Thank you.”  (Plaintiff’s counsel,  employment/civil rights case)

The  City believes that a satisfactory resolution to this issue has been  achieved for all parties concerned.  Thank you again for your cordial  and professional mediation services.”  (Defendant’s counsel, employment  dispute)

Unsoliceted Feedback from Parties

“Thank  you for all your help. Your ability to listen to us and help us see  possibilities for resolution made all the difference. You have a real  gift.” (Party, divorce case)

“We  wanted to thank you for your good work mediating the dispute with our  neighbors.  We are close to signing the final agreement, and look  forward to putting a difficult situation behind us.  To be hones, going  into the mediation we were skeptical that an agreement could be reached,  but we were very impressed with your ability to get both parties to  focus on a reasonable middle ground and to work through the various  emotions an personalities involved in this dispute.”  

“Thank you for your help and compassion.”  (Respondent in trust dispute)

“Thank  you again for your thoughtfulness and kindness throughout this, for me  nightmare.  I appreciated your grace and understanding when dealing with  me.  Thank you for helping us get this resolved once and for all.  I am  stunned that it is over and very relieved.”  (Party in unmarried  partner dissolution)

“We  thank you again for all of your help.  We were blessed to meet you and  have your assistance not once but twice.  We hope this is not the last  time we see or speak to you but we do hope this is the last time we do  business with you.”  (Parties in catastrophic personal injury case)

“Thank  you for guiding our family through a difficult passage.  When you  started the meeting by asking each of us to state one hope for the day, I  listened and I spoke with guarded optimism, bordering on skepticism.  I  could not imagine that we would end the day with a written agreement  that was pleasing to all parties.”  (Party, family dispute)

On  behalf of all of the members of the Board of Directors, I would like to  thank you for your conscientious, patient, insightful and loving  guidance at our retreat.  We all acknowledge that we benefited greatly  and feel back on track.  (Party in mediation with non-profit  organization board)