Representative Mediations


Cases Ms. Curtis mediates vary widely in their subject matter and complexity,, from two-party unrepresented partnership dissolutions to multi-party cases involving complex legal and practical issues.. Ms. Curtis is especially skillful in mediating high-conflict disputes in the following areas:

1.  Employment & labor (discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, invasion of privacy)
2. Intellectual property (trademark, trade name,, copyright)

3. Partnership disputes (small business, law firm)

4. Trust and estate, eldercare and other adult family conflicts

5. Personal injury
6. Product liability
7. Real property (HOA, HUD, view, boundary and other neighbor disputes) 

8. Appeals 


Ms. Curtis is a nationally recognized appellate mediation trainer and consultant to courts in the field of appellate mediation., experienced as a Ninth Circuit mediator and mediation panelist for several appellate mediation programs, as well as in private practice. Ms. Curtis also is  experienced as an appellate lawyer, including law clerk to California  Supreme Court Associate Justice Edward A. Panelli.  Her law firm practice included appellate work. And in the early days of her mediation career, Ms. Curtis was a lawyer with the First District  Appellate Project.

Appellate cases Ms. Curtis has mediated include:

1.   Eight-figure judgment following trial in a breach of contract and loan fraud case
2.  Seven-figure verdict for breach of a shareholder agreement and unfair business practices
3.  Seven-figure verdict  in a product liability case

4.  Order granting a preliminary injunction in favor of plaintiff students and parents in a school civil rights case
5.  Anti-SLAPP ruling in sexual harassment case