Bringing a Balanced Perspective, Perseverance & Wisdom
to Every Dispute

  1. Full time mediator since 1991, including Circuit Mediator for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

  2. Wide-ranging subject matter expertise and experience helping resolve thousands of disputes

  3. Exceptionally skillful with difficult people and highly emotional situations

  4. Extensive experience mediating a broad range of disputes, including business/commercial, employment,  partnership, elder (adult family decisions and elder abuse, trusts, estates and probate) and personal injury

  5. Recognized by the Daily Journal as a “Top-Fifty Neutral” in California

  6. Affordable

For 22 years, Dana Curtis has devoted her career as a lawyer to helping parties resolve their conflicts efficiently, effectively and respectfully. She believes the quality of a mediated resolution, and of the mediation process, to be as important to the parties as the fact of resolution.